Make-up or No Make-up

I was chatting with a friend about a boy band that we really like and how one of its members is often criticized by netizens because apparently his bare face is not as perfect as they thought. He is surrounded by sky-high beauty standards that sometimes disregard his talent on stage and in the studio. It got me thinking about my observations of people and make-up. Hence, this rant.

I agree with the fact that being attracted to someone due to their physical features differs from person to person and I do not discourage freedom of thought but some words are just degrading.

I do not understand why the word flaw has a certain negativity about it. Aren’t flaws what make us different? Our scars tell stories about our childhood, our strength and perseverance. They represent the very spectrum of humanity: from stupid mistakes to inspiring actions. We are not supposed to be perfect.

If you are an individual who does not wear make-up, props to you for being yourself! I am glad that you are secure enough to embrace your natural beauty! Thank you for blessing the undeserving world with your raw and unique beauty.

Source: Tumblr

If you are an individual who wears make-up, props to you for being yourself! I am glad that you are secure enough to embrace your natural beauty! Thank you for accentuating your natural beauty by spending hours on enhancing it. Make-up should be worn with an attitude of confidence and empowerment instead of shame. It should be received with an attitude of encouragement and positivity as well.

I have heard comments like “Girls who wear make-up are fake” and “I prefer a woman who is naturally beautiful”. She didn’t put on her favourite lipstick for you but for herself. She didn’t spend hours getting that winged eyeliner right to hear you tell her that you don’t like it. She doesn’t use expensive products to impress someone who can’t tell the difference between eye shadow and eye liner. She knows that she looks amazing and she is confident because of it. Please do not judge women who wear make-up.

I have read comments that say “This is why I have trust issues”. She is not wearing any concealer because she has nothing to hide. She has dark circles because she stayed up all night working on her latest work project. Your smile is the blush colour that she wants. Please do not judge women who don’t wear make-up.

Beauty fades but personality remains. Be the best version of yourself. Wear your beauty with confidence and poise. Let your inner beauty radiate through your smile whether you are wearing lipstick or lip balm.

Featured Image: StyleCraze


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  1. Riya says:

    I totally agree with you. Being a makeup lover myself, we do get a lot of opinions we don’t wanna hear about. Instead of calling such people fake, the should look at the skill makeup requires. Of course we wear it for ourselves, for it makes us feel good. And whatever makes you feel good is something to always do no matter what.

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    1. ashutoshrg says:

      Were you that friend by any chance? XD

      Liked by 2 people

      1. ashutoshrg says:

        The friend she mentioned in the first part of the post!

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