Singapore: The Lion City

With my passport in hand and excitement in me, I boarded the airplane to my destination: Singapore.

The scenery below soon turned from land to sea and then land again. After collecting my bags, I stepped out of the airport. And so, it begins.

I gazed at a criss- cross of lines of different colours with interest. The map of the metro helped me figure out where I was and where I was going.

The underground train doors opened and I followed the signboards to make my way back to the surface. There it was in all its glory: The Merlion! Its name combines “mer” meaning the sea, and lion. The lion head represents Singapore’s original name- Singapura – meaning “lion city” or “kota singa”.

Soon, the Ferris wheel in the distance seemed to get bigger and bigger. I couldn’t wait to take a ride in the Singapore Flyer! So there I was, in a pod, moving slowly, at dusk. The view was of the metropolis on one side and of the bay on the other. Where nature met concrete, the city began. The sky was changing colour from blue to orange and crimson then black. The city switched on its lights as if to chase away the darkness ushered in by night.

The Singapore Flyer

I was sitting under a tree looking at its characteristic pink flowers, wondering if any cherries would fall on my head! The Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay sure didn’t fail to impress. The largest glass greenhouse in the world showcases the flora in cool-dry climates. Seeing all those plants really amazed me. There is so much variety, so much detail, so much beauty. Just like all of us.

I strolled along the misty walkway in the Cloud Forest and stopped behind the indoor waterfall, the tallest one in the world. The spray of the waterfall hit my face as I took in this marvel.

The Marina reservoir

I felt a sensation in my stomach which was  like a mixture of nausea and excitement and before I could explore it, down went the rollercoaster. At Universal Studios, King Julien was kind enough to grace me with his presence in a photograph and so was Optimus Prime.  The S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa was incredible. Marine life is so beautiful. Didn’t find any mermaids though, or did I?

As I entered into the gates, I was greeted by chirping. A lot of chirping, for I was at the Jurong Bird Park! I cheered as the birds flew around the amphitheater as a part of a bird show and made a feathery friend!

Eating xiaolongbao at Din Tai Fung was the perfect way to end my trip.

The SuperTree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

Once you have traveled,the voyage never ends”- Pat Conroy 

This is very true for each one of us who have traveled. We don’t necessarily need to travel abroad to actually get “the feels” , but somewhere around the city is also enough to make us happy. Visiting a new country is a whole new experience but visiting a nearby hill station won’t be a disappointment at all. Travelling to new destinations not only gives us happiness, but also a sense of achievement of finally visiting that “Top 10 Places to Visit” country for instance. Yes, I know we do feel like we have achieved something and that’s totally fine. So one last thing, DON’T FORGET TO TRAVEL AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME!!

Hey there,

You’ve probably noticed this post is  different to what I’ve posted before. This is my venture into the genre of travel.

I wrote this blog post in collaboration with my friend, Riya! She clicked the images that you see and her writing is in italics. You can check out her fabulous photography blog here! :

Thank you for reading!



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